Project Management

The history of organic company development clearly shows that the era when PROJECT MANAGEMENT competencies became needful to execute complex projects is here. We put aside the definition of the project, because there are so many company specific definitions if we do not use the conservative class-book meaning. Sadly, the profession related to this complex competency had eroded at the very beginning. Our goal is not only exploitation of PM competencies, but also to increase the reputation of the profession.

Each project is unique (by definition), the forming, coordination and operation of every project organization is special. The success criteria’s of it are the PERSON, EXPERIENCE, and METHODOLOGY. The list shows the priorities according to our belief.
The PERSON: skills and competencies are the main building blocks of the project. Selection, adaptation into the organization and motivation is one of, if not the most important success factor. How much you considered these issues in your previous projects? We mange with special care this topic.
EXPERIENCE: doing more and more diverse projects, the more experience we acquire. But what do you think how this turns to a useful experience? We emphasize on recording, organizing and reuse of this experience, both on the individual and the company level.
METHODOLOGY: from common sense, through the best-practice up to well-defined project management methodologies many options are available. Are companies always selecting the best methodology? Is there no contradiction between "each project is unique" and use the "well-established methodology"? We support the selection and PROJECT-CUSTOMIZATION of methodologies.
With the above in mind our team is prepared to help you to conduct successfully your projects.
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